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How to protect your inflatable sup board?
Date:2016/1/5 Looks:5455

How to protect your inflatable sup board?

Most of inflatable sup board(ISUP) is made of PVC,a special fabric which is scarified easily by rock or some other tough objects,so when you play or pack it,just avoid these thing.

Second,keep it clear,the seawater is bad to it,so when you decide to pack it,please clear it firstly.

Third,do not expose it to the sun more than 2 hours when it leave from the water,especially in the midday,when you decide to have a rest,keep it in some shady place.

Fourth,don't inflate it in over pressure.

Fifth,if you find the ISUP is leaking,or problem,please find some professional repairing center,don't repair it yourself.


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