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How to identify a good inflatable sup board?
Date:2015/12/25 Looks:5510

How to identify a good inflatable sup board?

It is a big question for many paddlers,many people think they are same,just to buy some famous brand like Naish,red,Star,etc,it is a wise choice,but not the only choice.

Many small brand inflatable sup board(ISUP) can be very good too,even better,which also help you save much money.Here let me tell you how to make your decision,there are some details you need to know:

First,please check whether it is twist,a good board can not be twist.

Second,check the rocker,a standard rocker is 13-14cm,only happen on the nose.

Third,the seam,a good ISUP should have nice seam,no extra glue,no area is lacking glue,nice trim.

Fourth:the rail,nowadays,most of common quliaty board have single layer on rail,if you want to find a good one,please check whether it is double layers.

Fifth:deflate the board,to check whether there are many bubbles on the surface and rails.

Sixth,to check the accessories quality,good or bad.

Seventh,if all of above is ok,you can buy it,and keep it inflated in 48 hours,to check whether it is leaking.

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